How to default the start and end date for reports

In this blog, we will look at how to setup default start and end dates for reports. This "default" option is useful to save you time when running a lot of reports which will have the same start and end dates. The default start and end dates can still be changed at the report level just by typing the desired date over the default date.  So how is this done?  Let's take a look. 

Setup, Users, Users and in our example, we will be making this change to the Admin X3 user. So, from the left list, select code = 'ADMN'.  Once. the data has populated for the 'Admin' user, click on the Parameters tab.


In the Parameters section, scroll down and locate the Chapter='Supervisor' and Group='DEF'.  Once located, click on the three vertical dots menu and select Detail.

Next on the User Parameters screen locate the Default Start and End date parameters. In our example, change the value for the Default Start date to '01/01/20203' and the value for the Default End date to '12/31/2023'

After you make the changes to the dates, click OK and then don't forget to click the Save icon back on the Users screen! 


So now you have updated the Start and End data Parameters for the user. Let's check out the few reports and see if they updated.  Go to Report, Reports, Reports. Then, type in the Report Code box ALLOC. As you can see, the Requirement date range, First and Final values, now reflect '01/01/2023' and '12/31/2023' respectively.   Another example, type in ARCCLIENT in the Report Code box. In that report, the Date range and Delivery date range fields now default to '01/01/2023' and '12/31/2023' just as the ALLOC report. 


I hope you take some time to try out the date defaults. It will save you time when running reports for the same date ranges.