end of life FAQ

Following a commercial review, the subscription Sage CRM service hosted directly by Sage (hereafter known as ‘hosted CRM’) will be closed on August 31st 2019 & all accounts will be terminated.

Why is this happening?
Building on the decisions from an earlier portfolio review where hosted CRM product was removed for new sales, a decision has been taken to retire the hosted CRM product completely. The Sage CRM product available for installation on local servers (hereafter known as ‘on-premise CRM’) remains unaffected.

Who does this impact?
a. Any customers who have data within and/or provide payment for, hosted CRM.
b. Any Sage partners who have data within and/or provide payment for, hosted CRM.

When will hosted CRM be shut-down?
The platform that supports hosted CRM accounts will be closed by August 31st, 2019.

What options are available to obtain copies of data?
Customers can download a copy of their database & document library directly from within their instance of hosted CRM. Copies of these two items are made available as part of a customer’s contract. The ‘code base’ of hosted CRM and on-premise CRM is different. An attempt to use a copy of a hosted CRM database in an on-premise of Sage CRM may run into technical issues. However, as the data copy is a working database, there are many tools available (often known as “load & transform”) that will enable data to be transferred into a new, on-premise, installation of Sage CRM if required.

Will there be a utility to migrate data from hosted CRM to on-premise Sage CRM?
Your local Sage office and/or Sage partner will have been in touch to discuss your local options. Many customers have elected to move to the on-premise version of Sage CRM. As the product is browser-delivered, it can be made available on customer, partner or 3rd party premises allowing hosted CRM customers to move to an almost identical Sage CRM product with a commercial arrangement suitable to their needs.

Will users see a message about the shutdown on their system?

Three styles of banner message will appear over the course of the shut-down period
1. A notification of “end-of-service” will appear from November 5th, 2018.
2. An amended notification of “end-of-service” will appear from January 14th, 2019
3. A final notification of “end-of-service” will appear from March 14th, 2019

What is the long-term future of Sage CRM?
Sage CRM as a product continues to be developed, sold and supported around the world, with a release roadmap covering the next three years.

I have a question that this article doesn’t address - what can I do?
Speak to your local Sage office and/or Sage partner. You can also send questions to [email protected]