Explaining how integrated Sage CRM can help all parts of a company

If you have been using Sage CRM even for a short while then you probably have developed a very strong sense of how it helps you do your job. The features of Sage CRM, when integrated with information from the backend accounting system, can quickly become essential whether you are focussed on the management and operation of the business as a whole or a particular function such as Sales, Marketing or Customer Service.

Knowing how Sage CRM helps you is one thing, but how can you explain to colleagues in other parts of the business how it can help them? After all, it is one thing to talk about the end-to-end visibility and having access to data you can trust in making informed business decisions but how can you demonstrate to them the value of a powerful front office system that used accurate, real-time business information?

Sage has created a set of Test Drive resources that can be used to allow you and your colleagues to see how Sage CRM work in different parts of a business. The test drives use a set of business persona that you can use to explore the product and navigate through it at your own pace.

Sage CRM integrates with a very wide range of Sage accounting products around the world. These are classified by Sage as the Sage 200cloud franchise products. You may know them as Sage 100cloud, Sage 200cloud or Sage 300cloud.

Below are the links to the different test drives that will allow you and your colleagues to explore how Sage CRM can have a powerful positive effect on your business.

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North America