• AR Adjust Receivables Summary entries in Revenue accounts

    My company has many entries hitting our Revenue accounts with the description "AR Adjust Receivables Summary".  These entries are reducing our Revenue account balances.  I do not see any offsetting entries in AR.  Any ideas on what these entries…

  • Prior period Trial Balance

    We closed our fiscal year (8/31/21) and I need to run a trial balance for that period.  Is there a way to print the Trial Balance for a prior period?  Help!

  • 3rd Party Payroll Company

    I am looking at using Exak Time in correlation with my Payroll module in Sage CRE 300.  Can anyone tell me that uses a 3rd party payroll company whether it be Exak Time or something different, any and all things?

    I'd like to get as much feedback as I…

  • Open Closed Contracts Module

    I accidentally closed our contracts module twice, rolling it forward two months rather than one.  How can I reopen the contracts module?

  • "Billable" Labor rates in Job Cost

    Management would like to see our job cost transactions show payroll as a set $ amount per hour as agreed upon by each project owner. These set rates would vary between project. For example, project X would have a billable labor rate for Project Manager…

  • AP Electronic Payment (ACH) Remittance

    I am curous to know what people are using as remittance for their Electronic Payments (ACH) in Accounts Payable?   The "notifications" report that is generated from the payment process seems pretty bare (no headings, titles etc) -- just has floating…

  • Accessing Sage 300 ODBC via powershell [Sage][SQLEngine] (31830) Username and password is required.

    I am trying to establish a ODBC connection to Sage 300 using Powershell ODBC. 

    I am getting below error. I have tried using the same username and password for importing via ODBC in MS Access and it works. 

    What am I missing?

    Exception calling "Open" with…
  • "Annual" Sage Update

    I am a relative new Sage  user.  I have notice an "Annual " update is release in the fall and is needed to complete the "Tax" Update that is released in Dececmber.

    Will there be an "Annual" update? If so when might be it released?…

  • NYS EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting

    Does anyone have a report that meets the NYS requirements for the EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting?


  • Contractors Annual EEO Report - Form PR 1391

    Ohio DOT has sent out the letters for the Annual EEO Report Form PR 1391.  Do any of my Ohio Sage users have any suggestions or gathering the required data?  Or has anyone come up with a report that they would be willing to share?

  • Check signing software

    I am looking for check signature software that easily integrates with Sage 300.  Does anyoine have a suggestion, based on their user experience? 

    Thank you!

  • Sage 300 CRE JDBC connection via Pervasive

    I am trying to connect to Sage 300 CRE via JDBC.

    I understand that Sage is built on pervasive and I am able to connect to the default pervasive database called demodata and read tables.

    i am looking for guide to read Sage specific tables using this pervasive…

  • Setting up permissions for Work Orders

    We are having issues with unauthorized people changing job cost codes, moving people around in the D-board and activating jobs. We need to set up read-only access for SM work orders and found the area to restrict access in the Security Administration…

  • Report showing jobs associated to companies?


    Within a datafolder we have numerous companies - all with jobs associated to them.  Is there a report or easy way to show what company each job is associated to or show a list of jobs associated to a certain company within a datafolder?

    Further to…

  • Invoices not posting to AR

    I recently entered several invoices in Quick Bill.  They have all been printed from billing and appear to have posted normally with no error messages on the posting reports.  I have posted all my other modules ie EQ, JC, PR, GL etc as well.   

    Now I'm trying to enter…

  • Webcast - Hear from Sage 300 CRE experts on migration options to Sage Intacct Construction

    A move to Sage Intacct Construction might be something you are going to consider in the next few years. One of your critical assets is the data contained in your Sage 300 CRE database.

    During this five-part monthly series, we will provide information…

  • Lien Waivers

    Since I have been at my company we have not done lien waivers through Sage.  They used to do lien waivers through Sage but apparently "there was an update that changed it so they don't work anymore".  Do you know what has changed and where…

  • New July 1, 2021 Pay Rate and benefits increases setting up tables for different rates by county and zone for ironworkers

    We just received the new Union Agreement in regards to California Ironworkers Pay rate and Benefit increases beginning July 1, 2021.  Usually we just update pay tables and edit the Vacation Formula to produce the new wages and Benefits, However this July…

  • Job Cost as of Specific Date

    In comparing one job from one month (APRIL) to the other (MAY) this report showed (APR) JTD costs that actually pulled costs from MAY.

    I struggled with this for about 4 hours finding the the entries were in fact correct, with the correct accounting date…

  • Multiple Cost Codes with same Cost Type Issues


    I am currently trying to figure out how to have multiple cost codes that are the same cost type integrate successfully with Procore. For example, when estimating a job we will have a line item for fencing that has X,XXX LF and another line with…

  • SQL Replicator and SQL Databases

    I had a KB that described the process of deleting the replicated database(s) from the SQL server (compnaydata, izenda, etc) to start from a clean slate, can anyone point me to this KB.


  • Unnecessary Printing

    Right now when I 'Finish' a task, say entering an invoice, making a change to Cash Management, etc.,  I'm presented with the Print screen where I have to click 'Start' to finish the process and then the confirmation sheet prints out.…

  • Field Section of 'Add Condition'

    If I add a condtion to a report, it lists a bunch of items in the Field Section.  How do I add an additional field to that?  Right now 'Owner' is an item in the Field for Job Lists.  But when I view the same report in our Archived database, 'Owner…

  • VAT recording from AP to GL

    Dear Team,

    Re posting the issue again to get more attention , the problem is unsolved and demanding immediate attention.

    We have noticed a strange issue in treatment of VAT. The VAT is calculated in AP correctly and reflected in VAT report as well. However…

  • W2 Reports

    Is there a report or a small set of reports that I can give to our accountant to produce our W2's?  A summary of the W2 information?