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I am trying to find a way to print a check register that will show the invoice and invoice date? And if possible the accounting date that the invoice was entered? Has anyone ever been able to do this?

  • I'm not sure if it is a standard report, but we use the following Check Register Reports:

    • AP>Reports>Cash Management>Check Register
    • AP>Reports>Cash Management>Check Register by Job
    • AP>Reports>Cash Management>Check Register with Detail
    • AP>Reports>Cash Management>Paid Invoice Register

    Although, I don't think any of them show the accounting date, they can probably be conditioned to include/exclude specific ranges of accounting dates thru the AP Invoice Index.

  • AP>Inquiry>Cash Management>Check Register is a great inquiry. You can modify it to show what you want to see. 

    1. Open inquiry, Double-click on bank name to drill down to check Level

    2. Double -lick on check number to drill down to invoice level.

    3. You can add the accounting date column by changing the index to Invoice and selecting it.

    4. You can now print this or export it to Excel.

    The AP>Reports>Cash Management>Check Register with Detail shows every invoice on each check. I'm sure you can add the accounting date using Report Designer.

  • YES! I didn't even think of Inquiry! That is a GREAT way to include all the information you want to see, and it can also be filtered by any of the same conditions. Like a more flexible report, with the Excel option.

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