AP Error TS4426


we have had a couple of situations where AP has terminated with:

"This program has quit.  Incompatible Macro Option [TS 4426]"

The first time it occurred we were posting invoices and it popped when generating the report after the posting operation.  The second time it happened was when a user was changing invoices.

I have gone through the docs that Sage has online and it relates to the Report Inquiry setup in the AP settings, however we have been using Sage for almost 15 years and these settings have not changed.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?



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  • Thank you.  I've reviewed those articles previously.  I found out that the batch being processed was relatively small, and we have never changed the AP Settings > Orders before.  Our installation goes back almost 20 years and this error just popped.  I am hesitant in changing the order, because of how it would impact Timberscan and Procore.

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