Need a simple solution for Extras setup in Job Cost to link Contract Items and Commitment COs outside of PJ.

Does anyone have a simple solution to "auto create" extras for each job (both existing and new)?
Need to create the extras in Sage300CRE so it's available to be selected with Sage Construction Project Center Changes by users that do not access S300CRE.
Thank you.

  • We have a similar situation and have found two different methods for handling it.  In our case, we're a home builder and need to load approximately 10 standard extras in each job when it is created to handle items like custom work or allocated costs. 

    The first method uses the Import Estimates function. You can add extras to a job using an imported estimate even if the extra has no values or cost codes.  For example, importing the following text file:


    E,300, Allocated Payroll

    E,400, Allocated Burden

    will add an extra 300, with the name "Allocated Payroll" and an extra 400 with the name "Allocated Burden" to Job 16-000.  You can have as many jobs or extras within the same file as you want as long as they comply with the above format.

    While the above file can be produced in Word or Excel, the way to really make it work is to use a Crystal Report design to produce the file.  You select a range of jobs, run the report and export it to a text file.  You then turn around and import it into Job Cost and it adds the extras to the range of jobs selected.  Works like a charm.  We can add 10 extras to all the new jobs comprising a subdivision within a minute.  The only downside is there is no undo.  It will not overwrite an extra that already exists, however if you inadvertently add them to a range of jobs erroneously, you either have to ignore them or have a lot of deleting to do.

    I have a very simple Crystal Report design that works with the Construction Sample Data that I used for an import class a few years back at a TUG Conference.  More than happy to share if you'd like to see the concept.

    The second method uses an Update Query in Microsoft Access. The Extra record is ODBC creatable, which means you can add it directly using a query in Microsoft Access.  The advantage is you can add it directly and don't have to export and import.  Also works well although requires some explanation to demonstrate.  If you ever make it to a TUG conference, we often show an example of it in one of the Intermediate ODBC Labs. 

  • Hi Mike - I'm having a problem updating the extra records,,, :-(

    The fields I'm looking to update in the query are the extra and description,  I tried to specify the Job #; added the job # to the table, it's still not working.  Can you help?

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