How to add drive time to payroll check?

How do most companies add drive time to payroll checks and what pay code is used?

  • For our union, the benefits are calculated differently for drive time than regular time.  Since union calculations are computed "per record" not "per payroll line", when we pay somebody drive time, I create a separate payroll record just for the drive time. I have a dedicated "Drive Time" pay group and a "Drive Time" cost code. 

  • Whether you use paygroups already or not:

    Set up a paygroup called drive time and add the  flat company rate agree upon.

    Use that paygroup on a line on the timecard so you can still charge to jobs or work orders if you want.

  • We're a non union shop so it's a little easier for me.  Joe might get paid more per hour than Frank for drive time and benefits aren't affected.  So I created a Cost Code called "Drive Time".  An employee's drive time is entered on the time card just like hours worked, except I use the Drive Time cost code.  That way it's posted to the project they are driving to, but I can keep track of drive time vs work time on a job.