How do I request chargable support regarding error messages when closing the general ledger?

When closing the G/L during the Journal Header section one of 2 error messages are received.  One is a Btreve Error 2 and the other is Btreve Error 19.  If I keep clicking the OK eventually the G/L close finishes.

  • Since these errors are occurring during the month end close, I would restore a backup prior to starting the close.  In addition, if you also receiving a Btrieve status 2 error - that generally means damage to your data and you will need to restore a backup.  If the Status 2 error has been occurring for awhile, you may need to restore an earlier backup.  If you have any concerns with your data, I would recommend working with a support analyst.

    Here are a few articles relating to the errors you mentioned:

    *Error: "Btrieve Status 2. The Application encountered an I/O error" (20290)

    *Error: "Btrieve status 19, dfg dbierr -syscurrup. Your system is corrupt" (34909)

    *Month-end close or data rebuild does not finish successfully (18696)

    *How to restore a backup (73033)

    The errors you are receiving are too complex to troubleshoot in this forum and I recommend calling support to work directly with a support analyst 800-447-5700.