Recording a Cash Advance

What is the tidiest way in BusinessWorks to record a cash advance deposited in checking (cash account) from existing credit card account?

  • Hi-  I need some more information regarding what you are trying to do.  For example, is the cash advance from the customer (in AR) or is this something you are paying a vendor (in AP)  I am also not sure what you mean by it is from an existing credit card account?  Can you please give me some more information so I can understand what you are trying to post?



  • We have taken a CASH ADVANCE from our credit card, which is set up in BW as a Credit Card vendor.  We need to debit our cash account and credit that Credit Card Vendor... I want to be sure to process appropriately within BW.

    At this point, I'm contemplating two potential approaches:

    1. issuing a Debit memo to the Credit Card vendor, and distributing to the appropriate GL cash account.  OR

    2. enter invoice on Credit Card vendor (for the cash advance)  and distribute to the GL cash account....

    I don't want to be out of balance with G/L...

    I appreciate your response. Slight smile

  • Technically, there is no set procedure for this transaction.  My thoughts: 

    1)Post a Deposit in CM/Bank Transactions.  Determine what account to offset (this account will offset in step #2).  This transaction is to show monies for the advance were received 

     2)AP Invoice to the Credit Card vendor and expense to the account you used in step #1 (to zero or wash it out).  This transaction is to show the outstanding liability on the credit card vendor.  Then you can pay the invoice to the credit card vendor to pay back the advance.