Month end close

I don't know what I have done.  I am new to BW but not new to Sage. 

I just reconciled modules and closed the GL for November 2019, I am trying to open anything to proceed with Dec 2019 and I get a message that the option is not available because BW database is closed by another task.



  • It sounds like you may have a running task. If that is the case I would suggest going to our Knowledge Base as and search on article #17294 “How to release or disconnect stranded users or tasks (17294)”

    You may also want to use the Knowledge Base and search on the exact error you are receiving.

    However, if you think you may have had an issue with the month end close process then I would have you reference this article “How to determine if an end of month close failed (18035)”. You do not want to go forward on a failed month end close. As the article indicates, if you have a failed close you need to restore a backup prior to the close and reprocess the close.

    Otherwise, if you have other concerns on this issue, I would recommend you contact support to work directly with a support analyst. You can contact them using Chat at or call 800-447-5700.



  • Another question, is there a limit on the number of months you can post forward?

  • Yes, for most modules you can only post 1 month to the future.  For Payroll, only the current month or a past month in the current quarter.  And for General Ledger - can post a journal entry up to 12 months to the future.

    For more information see Knowledge Base #18022 "How to post prior and future transactions".



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