When Invoicing with Back Orders the back ordered items are cancelled off the original order

Hi everyone,

I am new here and this is my first time to post. We use Sage Business Work 2018. Our company has never used the back order feature on Sage Business Works, but it is a feature that is very much needed right now. I tested it today, and I can't figure out how it works. When I invoice manually, I select the feature to allow back orders if items aren't available, then when I select the order a message pops up saying something to the effect that items aren't in inventory and if I continue the additional items will be back ordered. Then when I invoice, it invoices the items in stock but cancels  all the items on the order that are out of stock, and the order is closed.

Is there a preference I need to click? A step I am missing? 

We have numerous back orders I need to invoice on Monday so any help would be extremely appreciated.



  • Sheila-


    First make sure your part in Maintain Parts is set up to ‘Back orders OK’

    When you convert a Sales Order to an Invoice select the option ‘Backorder when selecting’

    After selecting the Sales Order to Invoice continue Print Packing Lists (if you use that option) then Print and Post Invoices. If the only item on the invoice was a back ordered item, this will print a zero amount invoice since there was nothing to invoice. Once the invoice is posted/printed, the item should be on back order.

    Print the OE, Reports, Back Order Report to review the item on back order.

    If you continue to have issues, I would also recommend going to the Knowledge Base (www.SageKB.com) and searching on “back orders” to find articles regarding the back order process. Here are a few that I would recommend:

    • How inventory parts are back ordered in Sage BusinessWorks (31788)
    • How to fill back orders (83225)
    • What happens to committed quantity when you partially ship a sales order (37694)

    If that does not resolve, then I would recommend contacting support to discuss the issue you are experiencing with trying to back order

    Since you mentioned you were new to the process, you may also want to review some training opportunities available on the Sage University site at SageU.com. There are a few classes relating to Order Entry and Inventory that I would recommend if you are new to this.

    The “Processing your Sales Using Order Entry” goes over using back orders. There are also 2 classes on inventory – “Inventory Control Basics” and “Inventory Control Advanced” that I would also recommend.