AR Sales Tax Report duplicating invoices and credit memos

Good Afternoon, 

Has anyone reported issues with the AR Sales Tax report duplicating invoices and credit memos? I know that they are duplicates because the invoice and credit memos are the same numbers.We are running V2019 SP2. Any help is appreciated. 


  • AmericanPropeller-

    That is unusual. I am not aware of any issue where duplicate invoices or credit memos would only appear on the Sales Tax Report. There are issues where a duplicate invoice number is created, therefore would show duplicate on the reports including the Sales Tax Report. See Knowledge Base article #19465 Duplicate invoice or sales order numbers occur (19465)

    My thoughts would be to run other Accounts Receivable reports to see if you are seeing the duplicate invoices and credit memos on those reports, or is it only showing duplicate on the Sales Tax Report?

    Otherwise if you don’t find any other resolution, I would work with customer support for additional troubleshooting on this issue.



  • Confirmed that duplicates are only on the Sales Tax Report. I have created an online case. Thanks! 

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