Sage BusinessWorks 2021 download resumed!

The download for Sage BusinessWorks 2021 has been updated and ready for you to download. Please download it by clicking the following link:

Download Sage BusinessWorks 2021.0 release

  • Please note if you have downloaded the previous release of Sage BusinessWorks 2021 (build 19) you will need to reinstall this build (21) on your server or standalone computer to ensure you are using the corrected version of the product.

    NOTE:  If using the network version, you will need to rerun the client setup on each workstation after installing build 21 on the server.

  • Is everyone else getting super tiny dialogue boxes??  I tried to run an income statement and can't even read anything to know what month to select.  The reporting box shows up large but then within that box the selection box is much smaller.  Also with anything from the utilities tab. Help!

  • I do not know if you are aware but this update made several of our AR files lose the telephone and fax numbers.  Is there a fix to retrieve? 

  • SHEWLETT-  Try changing your settings.  This is from Knowledge Base article Report screens in payroll and general ledger are in a small font, tiny screens or squished together (107049)

    Note: Currently, the tiny screens and fonts are only reported with reports in General Ledger and Payroll modules.

    1. Close out of Sage BusinessWorks
    2. Right Click on the Sage BusinessWorks icon
    3. Select Properties
    4. Select Compatibility tab
    5. Click the button “Change high DPI Settings
    6. In ‘High DPI scaling override:’
    7. Check “Override high DPI scaling behavior.
    8. Change ‘Scaling performed by:’ to “System”.
    9. If "System" does not work , repeat steps 1-7 above and change to "System Enhanced"
    10. Ok
    11. Apply
    12. Launch Sage BusinessWorks again and view the report settings



  • Danielle-I am not aware of any issue with losing telephone and fax #s.  there was a reported issue that was resolved with download the new build of v2021 relating to addresses not printing on forms - see Knowledge Base article Addresses not printing on forms after upgrading to Sage BusinessWorks 2021 (106939).  But if you are having an issue with data missing, then maybe there was an issue when running the updater.  If there was an issue running the updater then generally you would want to restore a backup from prior to the upgrade and run the updater again.  Otherwise, I would have you call support for additional troubleshooting.


    Coleen Graber