Sage Business Works Payroll Price Change

Pricing Change Effective August 1, 2018 

Sage Business Works pricing adjustments are based upon our annual pricing review across Sage North America.  

The addition of tiered pricing for Payroll in FY19 impacts all on-plan Sage Business Works customers that are utilizing the Payroll module. While payroll consumption fees have been an annual occurrence for other Sage products (such as Sage 50) this has not been the case for Sage Business Works customers. This pricing adjustment begins to monetize the payroll module of Business Works, in order to bring it in line with industry standards and what we have done in other Sage products. The tiered pricing will be effective August 1, 2019, appearing on customer invoices at the time of their renewal and will be prorated to align with their renewal rate.


What has changed? 

To optimize the benefits of the payroll module, and to update our processes in line with other Sage solutions, we are implementing consumption-based billing for payroll module usage. Customers will only pay for as much payroll as they are using, according to the employee counts we have on record in our system. 



Number of users 


Tier I 

1 to 9 


Tier II 

10 to 19 


Tier III 

20 to 29 


Tier IV 

30 to 49 


Tier V 

50 to 100 


Tier VI 





Please reach out to your Sage representative with any questions you may have. 

  • Is the new PR pricing in addition to the customer's current support plan? What if a customer currently has the PR module but isn't using it? How accurate is the customer's employee count you have in your records?