What support options are available to you?

We have all been there, a deadline is quickly approaching and your software crashes or you run into an error message. You call into support and are told that they are experiencing extremely high call volume and the wait times are quite long. Then the panic sets in and you really feel the pressure to get the paychecks out or the year end reports done and you wonder now what?

Sage has multiple options for you to get in touch with support without having to wait on the telephone which will allow you to accomplish other vital tasks rather than wait on hold for support. The other support options include our online KnowledgeBase, chat and online case creation.

  • Our KnowledgeBase is open even when we are not and is available to you 24/7. To access the KnowledgeBase visit www.sagekb.com.  No login is required to access the KnowledgeBase, just be sure to select Sage BusinessWorks as your product from the drop down menu.
  • Access to chat can be found by visiting www.sagecity.com/resources.  Once there locate Sage BusinessWorks on the list and select the Connect option.
  • To create a web case online you can visit www.sagecity.com/resources. Once there locate Sage BusinessWorks on the list and click the Submit option