How can I attach files to my customers, vendors, parts, employees, jobs or general ledger accounts?

Included with a module known as Custom Office the Attachment Manager allows PDFs, images or documents to be attached to a vendor, customer, job, part employee or general ledger account. You can keep important files right at your fingertips with the Attachment Manager. With it, you can attach objects such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, WAV files, bitmaps, and AVI multimedia files directly to records of accounts, customers, vendors, parts, jobs, and employees. You can attach existing objects or create new objects to attach. For example, you can attach requests for vacation, leave of absence, maternity leave and overtime approval by attaching completed and signed copies of the forms to the employee record. *Item to note: Attaching using Attachment Manager will increase the size of the database.  Please ensure the server has enough space to handle the increased data and backup size.

Besides the Attachment Manager Custom Office also includes:

  1. Targeted Mail Merge – Brings information into Microsoft Word for mailings
  2. Custom Worksheets – Brings Worksheets into Microsoft Excel
  3. User Defined Reports – ability to customize any user defined report

Custom Office options reside in multiple places throughout Sage Businessworks.  Custom Worksheets and Targeted Mail Merge can be accessed from SM, Utilities, Reports menu in other modules.  Attachment Manager can be accessed from vendor, customer, job, part, employee and chart of accounts maintenance windows.

Now let’s take a deeper look into each of these items:

  1. Custom Worksheets: This Excel-based analysis tool gives you the ability to create customized worksheets, using your data.  You can then manipulate and format this data within Excel. You can use Custom Worksheets to create reports, charts, and graphs of your company’s progress, or use it to perform "what if" analysis by changing the data or the calculations to see what the future of your company may look like. For example, you could use Custom Worksheets to create a year-to-date income statement, then change the projected expenses and projected sales to forecast year-end profits.
  2. Mail Merge: With the mail merge options, you can create customized mailings to customers, vendors, and employees that you have set up. The mail merge options includes both Instant Correspondence and Targeted Mail Merge, which you can use to create mailings to a specific individual or to a mailing list. For example, you could use Mail Merge to create an employee newsletter or a letter to customers informing them of an upcoming promotion.
  3. User Defined Reports: User Defined Reports can be exported to Excel or can be published as a PDF file. The designing process is performed differently than with Custom Reports. Custom Reports uses the 'Custom Report Designer' within Sage BusinessWorks as does User Defined Reports but with Custom Office, User Defined Reports can be customized to include data from any table or field available in the database whereas Custom Reports is limited to the data selections listed in the report designer. The Custom Office module must be purchased to access the full list of tables and fields for deeper customization including virtually unlimited calculation abilities and drill down capabilities. Reports that can be edited and customized using the SQL Report Programming available with the Customer Office module include:
    • GL - All Reports
    • AP, Reports, Vendor Reports
    • AR, Reports, Customer Reports
    • AR, Reports, Item Sales by Customer Report
    • IC, Reports, Part Reports
    • OE, Reports, Order Reports
    • OE, Reports, Part Sales by Customer Report
    • OE, Reports, Gross Profit Report
    • PR - All Reports
    • JC, Reports, Job Reports
    • Utilities, Security Report
    • Utilities, Registration Information, Registration Report

Note: Sage Customer Support is not responsible for assisting with report creation. If you need additional assistance, your Sage BusinessWorks business partner may be of assistance with the creation of reports. For a list of Sage BusinessWorks business partners who specialize in this area, please contact Client Care at 800-447-5700.

If this sounds like something your company can use, please contact Sage at 800-447-5700  option 2 for further information on the Custom Office module.