Demonstration Company Installation Error

Hello Guys,

I'm getting the below error message when configuring the Demonstration Company database.

The SQL Server.

Does not have the Microsoft.ACE Provider installed on it.

Demo Data loading will not be successful without the Microsoft.ACE provider being setup to on the SQL Server.

Download from Microsoft  and install the Microsoft  Access Database Engine Redistributable  on the SQL Engine. 

I've already install Access Database Engine Redistributable 2010 but still could not fix the error.

System Specification:

OS: Window 8.1Pro 64bit

SQL: Server 2012

MS Office: 2013

I'll sincerely appreciate you advise on how resolve this error. 

  • It sounds like the bit version of the Access database engine is not the same as the bit version of sql server...

    for example the sql installation is a 64 bit version and the access database engine installed was 32 bit.

    sometimes you can get into this situation if your sql is 64 bit and your version of office is 32 bit or vice versa.

    when you try to install the save version as sql you may get a message about installing the wrong bit version... however there is a way to do this.

    Instructions are below.

    If you have any issue feel free to contact support and we can look at it together to determine what is going on.

    1. Open the Command Prompt by typing "cmd" in the Windows search box under the Start menu and selecting cmd.exe 
    2. Type the file path and file name of the 64-bit Access Database Engine 2010 install file, followed by a space and "/passive" (this runs the installation without showing any error messages).  

    For example:
    User-added image
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for you advise, I've corrected the error.
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