Active Planner Read only

I need to give READ ONLY access to a co-worker. Is there a global command to do this in Active Planner. I have over 60 sheets and do not have the time to do each sheet manually. Also, can I limit read only to the main sheet, do not want to give access to payroll sub sheet.


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  • What version of Active planner are you on?

    There is an area in the newer versions... I can't remember the exact version it was added but I think it was in 7.52.0050 and later (maybe even 0020).

    Under the system setup/ users area (logged in as an admin user) if you right click on the user you would like to set read only access you should get a menu items labeled Security.

    Select this menu item.

    You can then select the plan and you will see the plan tree show up at the bottom section.

    select reviewer from the security level dropdown the you can click on the specific sheets or branches that you would like to give read only access to that user.

    I Hope this helps.