Rearranging Sections!


I'm using 2014 Sage Budgeting and Planning, running with Sage ERP 100.

I've gotten some very explicit information from an independent consultant and as I'm building my first budget, I'm feeling more comfortable by the day.  I started just this past Friday, and it's going fairly well.

The BIGGEST issue I've run into is in the section manager.  There aren't any "rearrange" buttons in the section manager, and when using the "copy" feature (highly recommended - at least then you aren't building every section from scratch!), the software appends the section rather than inserting it where the cursor lays in the sheet. 

This can become an issue when building a budget, only because there are occasional accounts forgotten while building, etc.  Our chart of accounts is probably 3,000 numbers strong when including the extensions. 

To illustrate:  If I'm pulling in revenue numbers from 2014 actuals in several sections--necessary for reasons I won't go into here--and I forget, say, "Subcontract" in the middle of that, it appends the subcontract revenue section at the bottom of all the other sections I've already created if I use the copy feature.  I have attempted to insert some rows and copy/paste the section higher in the sheet, but that creates both deletion problems and it doesn't copy everything, like the header/footer.  This is a serious issue, and I've been handling it so far by making certain to have a written plan in front of me when building each sheet to avoid having anything built in the middle.  I have a sinking feeling that if another member of management wants to see the revenue accounts or COGS accounts in a different order, I'm going to have to completely rebuild the sheet from scratch.  I'm not super happy about that.

So.  Is there a recommended way to rearrange account sections on a single sheet?  Or is deletion and re-inputting the only option?

ANY help is appreciated - just getting a feel for the community and how many folks are out there using this software right now.  :)


  • Hi Rosie!

    I understand your frustration with Sections and how they are essentially locked into place on the sheet, we do have a couple of enhancement requests dealing with Sections Ease of use feature such as your mention of the rearrange sections.

    I may have some Tricks we can use in the meantime that may ease the pain of inserting a section or moving a section, but to give you the best method I would like to see your typical section definition and go through some options with you to see if it will help you.

    If you would like to call in to our support line (1-800-457-5864) or email them ([email protected]) to set up a Dial In where we can look at your scenario and possibly ease some of the pain I would be happy to help.

    Hope to hear from you,





  • One other item I have found is if you select a row where you want the section inserted and right click the row and select section->insert from the pop up menu instead of using the Menu bar it will put the section at the location you selected.


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