Run time error 53 File Not Found when running Plan Processing


A customer is using last versión of SB & P, versión that runs with Sage Accpac v56. When running Plan Processing for whole Plan they get run time error 53 file not found. After that error they found that all plan sheets are check-in and cannot un-check as tell is reserved for process for user that run Plan Processing. So they cant process again....Any idea?

thank you

  • What you can do to get the sheets unchecked is... select the plan, then on the menu under plan there is an item... Undo Process Check Outs.

    As for the File not found error, this sounds like a sheet may be corrupted (not saved properly) was this an upgrade or a new install?  

    One thing you can do if it is not obvious which sheet it is:

       Process smaller branches until you can zero in on the sheet that is having the problem.  After you can identify the sheet it will need recreated.

    Hope this helps,