One user is getting "Registration Invalid!"

I have a functioning Sage Budgeting and Planning 2018 .... except for one user. When he tries to launch the program he gets "Registration Invalid! (1)" then "invalid registration" and "Registration Invalid!" a third time. Afterwards it opens up the licence manager which is completely empty. I am certain the install is working as I can run the program (as me) just fine. 

This screams permissions issue to me but he is a member of the domain group that has full access to the Shared Data folder for Sage 300 and the wssetup for Sage B&P. I am missing something silly but I do not know what it is. 

  • What it sounds like to me is that this one client is pointing to a different location that the others. 

    What you can do to verify this is:

       On Both a Machine (one that is working fine and the Machine that is getting the Registration Error):

    1. open Regedit.
    2. Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Analytics\Active Planner\StartUp\OI\ (maybe in ...SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Analytics...)
    3. Look at the Value for "Network Path"
    4. I am thinking since it works for you and not the specific user it is possible that it has a slightly different path than the other machines such as it may have the Administrative Share Path     something like "\\appsever\shares\Budgeting and Planning\    vs.   \\appserver\Budgeting and Planning\"
    5. If that is the case... just do an uninstall on that one machine then reinstall using the \\appserver\Budgeting and Planning\ share or whatever the not administrative path is for your environment.

    If that doesn't clear it up you can send an email to [email protected] and we can do a dial in to take a look to  see what else may be going on.

    Let us know what you find,


  • I checked and that is pointing the correct location. If I change that on a working computer to compare problems I get a different error about not being able to find the location and offering to correct it.

    I will put in a request as you suggested and report back if I learn anything pertinent. 

    I don't know why I omitted it but I did already try to reinstall and there was no observable change in the situation. 

  • One quick thing you can try if you haven't already is...

    Right click the shortcut and use the Run as Administrator see if it allows you in then?  if it does they definitely something permission wise we can track down.

    When support contacts you I am trying to be online with them as well so we can dive in deeper to what is happening.



  • Yes, It does work running as me as administrator. The users do not have local admin rights. 

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