Error when refreshing stored procedures

I migrated an installation from 2014 to 2018. I have previously done this in a test environment successfully. When migrating production almost everything goes the same accept for refreshing the stored procedures in the Admin Tool. 

When I go through that motion I get the following error:

ERROR - Adding LogOnES extended stored procedure

Cannot find the user 'Analytics', because it does not exist or you do not have permission

I am assuming this is referring to a SQL user but no such user exists. I did find a database role of the same name and the only user that is a member of that role is SDA which seems fine. Does this mean my SDA password is incorrect?

Sage B&P Version 2018  (7.60.0007)

Windows Server 2016

SQL Server 2016

  • Matt,

    The SDA password is probably fines it won’t come into play until you log in to the application.  I am thinking it may be something with the Analytics Role and it’s members on the master database. Are you using Domain Authentication?   If you are not you can ignore that error, that stored procedure is only used for that, and we can manually get that set up if needed  this LogonEs stored procedure is an extended stored procedure on the master database which makes a call to a dll on the machine to pass the credentials entered to an NT authentication API call  

    I am out out of town right now and don’t have access to set up an environment to run through you scenario but I can try to get an idea of what may be the issue with some questions about the steps you went through. I will be back on Friday (6/14)

    Was this a situation where you moved the B & P database from one server to another and used an existing configuration and selecting refresh stored procedures or did you create a brand new configuration with all the keeping objects options?

    you can also send an email to [email protected] for additional help. 


  • There is no integrated / AD authentication that we use. The only member of the Analytics role is the SQL login SDA. I can still login to the application but I was not sure of implication of the SP so I was wary. 

    I copied the installation directory from an older Sage server to the new one using robocopy 

    robocopy \\kansageerp\SageBudgetingandPlanning "C:\Sage\SageBudgetingandPlanning" /e /XD demo tmpshare /XF "processing*"

    I manually changed the configuration.mdb to point to the new SQL server where I also copied the 3 dbs (COMP, SYS and PUB) to. Copied the login for SDA as well from old to new SQL. 

    Ran the 2018 installer and pointed to the directory on the new server. Then went into the admin tool to refresh sp's of the existing configuration. That is pretty much the entire process I did. 

  • From what I see you should be fine moving forward since you are not using domain auth. 

    If you choose in the future to change we can get that set up for you manually.


  • I will let it go then since we don't use domain authentication for our sage products. Thanks for the reassurance.