Tech Support for Sage Budgeting and Planning

Has anyone been able to install the Sage Budgeting and Planning software on your system and get it working?  I've tried to find and contact tech support for the software and it doesn't seem to exist.  I was passed between multiple contacts at Sage and everyone I connected with said 'I don't know that software'.

The main server based product installs OK but the Analytics Server components piece throws an error 1603 and fails.  Also when I try to set up a configuration for the demo data it tells me the Microsoft Access Database engine doesn't exist on the SQL server.  I did, in fact download and install it and it shows under Program and Features.

I need help getting this working and tech support is no where to be found.

Any and all advice appreciated,


  • Hi Dana,

    Sorry for your issues with the installation and support contact.  Here is the best number to contact support


    800-457-5864 (Active Planner)

    you can also use the email address.  [email protected]

    In the meantime, let me see if I can help you with the 2 issues you mentioned above.

    I will start with the 1603 Error...  we have seen this error when the user doesn't have permission or an operating system setting preventing the creation of a scheduled task from an application is blocking that step of the installation.  We can send you a slightly different installation package that does not create the task as part of the installation and we can create the task manually.

    The Microsoft Access Database engine message... You can have a situation where Access Database Engine is installed but SQL server can't see it if they are of different Bit Architecture.  For Example, let's say you have a 64 bit machine, which is running the 32 bit version of a SQL server and you download and install the 64 bit version of the Access Database Engine. SQL server cannot see that version of the Access Database Engine. First we need to make sure that the bit version of SQL and the bit version of the Access Database Engine agree.  Sometimes you can have a situation where you have 64 bit SQL server but have installed a 32 bit version of Microsoft Office (which includes the Access Database Engine) and you try to install the 64 bit version of the Access Database engine it will complain about the fact that there is a 32 bit version already installed...  There is a way to install the 64 bit version in that scenario and we can get you the steps if this is the situation you are in .

    Also Dana could you let me know the number you called into so we can make sure they have the information needed in the future.


  • Hi Kevin,

    I would be interested in the alternate install package.  Please send me a link.  I was installing as the domain administrator on my Windows 2016 server and SQL Server 2012 (same system) so not sure how permissions would be an issue.

    The SQL Server is 64-Bit and I do have some 32-bit office components installed so the 64-bit Access complained.  Please let me know a way around that issue.

    I called my normal Sage 300 tech support number 800-253-1372 and was transferred maybe 4 times to eventually Sage 100 support who couldn't help me either.

    Do you have Doug Leasure's contact info?  I'd like to discuss with him about doing a demo for a client of mine until I get up to speed on this.



  • it could be virus protection or firewall preventing creation of OS objects from an application not necessarily only permissions so, I think it would be easiest to do the alternate install package... I will have Shirley send it to you along with Doug's contact info.


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