over 1 year ago

when paying employees use drop down to enter hours per job

We have over 180 employees.  We are a janitorial company and some of our employees work at 3 or  4 jobs per week and to enter time sheets for each employee is so very time consuming since Sally may work at one of our Banks for 4 hours a day; a Hospital for 2 hours a day and at night worl at a Doctor Office.  So in order for us to enter time sheets for 180 employees is very time consuming.  If you could just go to pay employes and have a large full page screen come up and in the Employee hours use a drop box to select a company and just enter those hours and it would go on one line, then select the drop box again to add another customer and those hours would go on the next line ant then it would calculate the total hours right there and also be adding the customers in which time appled at the same time.  When I go to pay multiple employees a tiny screed about 1/3 of a normal screen appears and it is so small and I have called and every technician states that no it can not open to a full page screen.  I have to use that little screen to scroll through 180 employees.  Larger Screen