Please add additional field types for payroll

20 is not enough for our consulting firm.

  • I agree - more pay types are needed for consulting firms in general.

  • We really need the option to have more than 20 pay types.  Our accountant has us keep the crew seperate from the admin staff so I've got Reg/OT/Holiday/Sick/Vaca/Bonus_Misc/Bonus_other/OwnerOT for both crew & office plus we have dive/fringe benefits.  With the new COVID sick pay I need more to be able to pay it and keep it separate as per y'alls suggested way to do it but apparently the UK version can have unlimited but the US can't.  It would be esp. helpful since we have to pay different pay rates for the extended child care part.  Please fix this...this has been an ongoing issue and would be great if we could have diff. pay types to use as needed.  It's not even something you can change because older stuff would have the wrong name when you run the report.