Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) connectivity issues

If you are unable to connect to Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive), please visit for options, including links to Sage Knowledgebase, Sage City, and Sage University, as well as Sage Q&A Live, Chat, and Online Case submission. 

If one person at your business is able to log into the company, you can try to rebase your company by referring to Sage Knowledgebase article 86949: How to rebase a Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) company.  

Note: The [email protected] email inbox is no longer in service.

  • I am on the phone now with a support technician who is explaining that we both (meaning myself and my girl in a different location) cannot share the companies like we did in the 2020 version.  In other words, we cannot both log in with individual IDs and be able to pause or share the company.  Only the data owner can do that.   We were able to do that in Sage Drive but can't in Remote Data Access.  Doesn't seem to make sense to me.  Am I understanding that correctly?

  • I am on the phone at the moment with one of your technicians.  She is explaining to me that we, meaning me and my client in a different location, can no longer both long in with our individual ideas and be able to share or pause sharing.  Only the data owner can do that.  Doesn't make sense to me.  Is this a change from the 2020 version to the 2021 version?  

  • When a company is initially shared, the person who shared the company is the data owner. This is the only user that can pause and resume sharing. You'll of course both be able to log in and work in Sage 50 (if you have Sage Drive Multi-User),

    If a second user shares the company, they'd be sharing another copy of the company and you may be entering data into seperate companies that do not sync.

    Only work in the company shared by the data owner, and if you need to perform a task for which you will need to pause sharing, only the data owner can pause and reshare, Any additional users will see the pause and share options greyed out. 

    Here is an article from our knowledgebase that outlines why certain users will see greyed options: Why are Pause Sharing/Stop Sharing selections greyed out ?

    This is not a change to Sage Drive/Remote Data Access. 

  • That has been my experience.  Which makes no sense to me either.  It is a pain because I cannot reconcile my account without pausing.

  • I know you guys are slammed but is there any ETA when this all will be fixed?  I'm still waiting for my call.  Been waiting all day.