Sage 50 US: Announcing the July 2020 Tax Update for Release 2020 and 2021

What's New

State and Local Tax Changes

  1. Arkansas State Income Tax
    Corrections to previous formulas issued for 2020 withholding rates.
  2. Idaho State Income Tax
    The 2020 withholding tables and rates changed.
  3. New Jersey State Disability Insurance
    Corrections were made to the Employee and Employer 2020 withholding formulas.
  4. Ohio State Income Tax
    The multiplier value was updated for 2020.
  5. City of Philadelphia Local Income Tax
    The 2020 withholding rates were changed with effective date of July 1, 2020.

For additional information, please review the release notes that open after installing your tax update.

Making Sure Your Tax Update is Applied

This update will be sent to you automatically through your product. The version for this tax update is 20200701 for releases 2020 and 2021. Follow these steps to make sure that your tax update was applied:

  1. Open your Sage 50 company
  2. Select HelpAbout Sage 50 Accounting
  3. Confirm that the installed Tax Update version number matches the version number listed above
  4. If your Installed Tax Update version number does not match:
    1. Select ServicesCheck for UpdatesCheck Now
    2. If multiple updates appear, select the update(s) you want to install, then select Download
    3. After the download is finished, exit Sage 50 and the update will begin

Need help?

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