Peachtree cannot start.

I have a user who was using Peachtree on a Vista 64 bit system just fine until attempting to install the October tax update.


Now when launching the program, she cannot even open the sample company data and gets the error "Peachtree cannot start.  Please reboot the system or contact support."


Things that have been done.


1.  Configured both McAfee Firewall and Windows Firewall with all the Peachtree .exe and db files to allow through.  McAfee version is something being provided by AT&T.

2.  Disabled both firewalls and still had the same problems.

3.  Blew Peachtree 2008 off the system and completed reinstalled from scratch.  Got all the Firewall prompts, but still will not pull up company and or sample company data.


I have searched the forums and cannot find a solution that works.  Their KB articles say it's a firewall problem, but I'm having a hard time believe that now.  Please help!!!!