install PCW2007SR6 patch on windows 7 for peachtree 2007 accounting

I just installed peachtree 2007 accounting, i have installed it under c:\program files(86)\sage software\Peachtree, when i try to open peachw.exe it gives me error about using remote terminal service, so i downloaded PCW2007SR6 and then try to install it, but it gives me error saying

Not able to find previous installed version of peachtree so cannot install this patch,


For some reason this patch is not able to find installed peachtree under c:\program files(86)\sage software\Peachtree.


Has anyone had this problem and was able to resolve it




  • Sorry, you cannot install Peachtree 2007 on Windows 7.  Only Peachtree  2010 &  2011.  You need to upgrade your software to use it on the new operating system. 


    I offer great prices on Peachtree  2011, and I ship overseas.  Please feel free to visit my website at for more information.

  • Thanks for the information, that is interesting i was able to install 2007 accounting on vista 64 bit, but it is not working on windows 7, anyway i just installed a virtual windows XP on my windows 7 machine and installed peachtree 2007 in this virtual XP and got it working

  • Vista was an active operating system at the time Peachtree 2007 was released.  


    That is why you were able to load the program on that operating system.

  • Where do I find this patch, and more information on it?  Will this solve problems with trying to install Peachtree 2007 on Windows-7, and trying to uninstall it afterwards?  We tried to re-install it on a new computer unsuccessfully, then tried to install Peachtree 2012 - but it tells that we need to uninstall the 2007 version before it will install, and we cannot.  She was running the old program successfully on a computer running Windows XP.  ANY suggestions will be gratefully appreciated, we've been working at this for 3 days now.

  • There is no patch to make 2007 work on Windows 7.  You will need to upgrade your Peachtree Program or downgrade your operating system to XP.


    Use the 2007 disk to uninstall the program.


    If you just purchased the new 2012 program, you have 30 days free support from Sage.  Contact them and have them help you get it up and running.