Error Message - Daily-OPWorker

Daily we are receiving these errors. What is OPworker?

DashboardVendorsPurchases queued before OPworker started

Main : Startup queued before OPworker started

Main : OpenCompany queued before OPworker started

DashboardInventoryServices queued before OPworker started

Main : CloseCompany queued before OPworker started

SalesInvoice : Print queued before OPworker started

SalesInvoice :  queued before OPworker started

  • I tried using the Live Chat feature to help address the issue.  I am finding that Sage Customer Service is NOT very helpful.  Instead of really trying to assist in fixing issues they just give you articles to read and try to fix it yourself.  "With so many errors it is really difficult to pin point your specific problem......". 

  • Hello , apologies for these issues. Definitely not an ideal experience. If you have an active support plan, feel free to direct message me on here with your account number / contact info or support ticket number and I can pass this along to management for review and callback. Thank you!

  • I sent another chat after reviewing the fix it yourself links because I had another question.  One of the links did not seem to fit what the issues.  I was provided a link stating to change to real time; we are already using real time.  The new analyst said that his support level was unable to assist and suggested that I call in.  I called in and need to call back when everyone is able to get out of the system so the tech can reinstall the data management .

  • Did you ever find resolution.  I have same items in my log file

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