Sage 2020 Locking Users Out

Has anyone else had the issue of Sage 2020 running the the processes and details in task manager but not showing the interface and then locking the PT.LCK file and SUA00021.LCK file on their server? Every morning this happens with our Sage 50 and we have about 20-25 constant users daily. Support hasn't been able to resolve the issue and I'm looking for anyone that can help out.

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  • We else had the issue of Sage 2020 since since upgrading on  Aug. 2019, Has anyone come up with a solution to this problem yet? Everything we try only appears to temporarily fix the issue. Now there is an update of PTXA2020.2.0 to be installed, shall I install it ?  I am worry to install it but the issue more and more?

    We were having the exact same issue and after installing update (PTXA2020.2.0) the issues have seemed to disappear. We installed this about 2 months ago and haven't had an user report the issue yet. Before this update it was a daily occurrence, so hope it helps you as well.

    Also, keep in mind if you have users on different vlans and you map the data path using the Sage servers IP address rather then it's FQDN, any users located outside of the servers vlan will fail to connect after this update. Easy fix though, we just had to change our UNC mapping to the FQDN instead. 

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