Sage 2020 Locking Users Out

Has anyone else had the issue of Sage 2020 running the the processes and details in task manager but not showing the interface and then locking the PT.LCK file and SUA00021.LCK file on their server? Every morning this happens with our Sage 50 and we have about 20-25 constant users daily. Support hasn't been able to resolve the issue and I'm looking for anyone that can help out.

  • We have been experiencing this since upgrading on October 2.    Complete reinstalls at the server and ~15 workstations has not resolved this.

    do you have sage backup jobs that run at night?  When you look at the properties of the SUA lock file, who owns/created it?  A “dir /q” will tell you also in the Company folder.  I haven’t pinpointed it but a cursory google search for: sage “PT.LCK” only brings up this post for the most part.  I’ll be looking more in depth soon.  When in doubt, procmon!

  • I don't have Sage doing backups, I have a third-party software doing backups but i can disable those for a week and see what happens. I'll have to try a dir /q in the company folder the next time it happens. Maybe 2020.1 will address this issue.

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