Sage Drive Multi-User now available for Sage 50cloud - U.S. Edition!

YOU SPOKE! WE LISTENED! Many of you have expressed a desire for two or more users to actively write transactions in a Sage Drive company. We are excited to introduce Sage Drive Multi-User!

Sage Drive Multi-User is a collaborative tool that allows you and your co-workers in the same office or across the country to access real-time data within Sage 50cloud.

Sage Drive Multi-User within Sage 50cloud now enables purchasers of the multi-user edition to read | write new and existing transactions in Sage Drive company data files.

Whether on a Local Area Network (LAN) or working remotely, users can simultaneously work in and access a shared Sage Drive company. Previously, this was restricted to allow one user to work in a shared company while all other users access the company in read only mode. But Sage Drive Multi-User is here to the rescue!

To use Sage Drive Multi-User, make sure you have or perform the task below to ensure Multi-User works properly for you:

  • Sage 50cloud version 2019.0 or later installed on your computer
  • Each Sage 50 user accessing the company will need to have a unique Sage ID
  • A high-speed internet connection is required (For best performance a download speed of at least 20mbps and an upload speed of at least 10mbps are recommended. At a minimum, a download speed of 20mbps and an upload speed of 5mbps are required.)¹
    • For companies less than 500 megabytes that do not use inventory or multiple lines on transactions an upload speed of 5mbps is usually sufficient
    • For companies greater than 500 megabytes that do not use inventory or multiple lines on transactions an upload speed of 10mbps or more is recommended for best performance
    • For all companies using inventory and/or multiple lines on transactions an upload speed of 10mbps is recommended for best performance

Note: The data size limit for Sage Drive Companies is 5.3GB, which includes attachments and archives

  • If your database size is larger than 5.3GB, you can use the purge process to reduce the database size
  • Refer to Sage Knowledgebase article 12004 – How to Purge data for more information
  • To test your current internet speeds open an internet browser and go to and search for “Speed Test”

[1] Save time speeds will vary depending on configuration, size, number of concurrent users, system, and network traffic but will be slower when saving to the cloud than when saving locally.

For you DIYers (Do-It-Yourselfers) out there we have created a handy "Getting Started with Sage Drive Multi-User" Sage Knowledgebase article and guide that will aid you in setting up Multi-User.

You don’t want to miss out on this exciting, useful and collaborative feature that can make your business life easier. Call the Sage 50 US Sales Team at 877.495.9904 to add this to your account TODAY!

To learn more about this feature, please view the following video.

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Thank you for continuing to be a Sage Business Builder!