Inventory Distribution - Serial Number Duplication on Shipped Out Inventory

Does anyone have experience with inventory distributions using serial numbers with a mask? 

ISSUE: Serial numbers used for inventory that has not yet been shipped out does not allow reuse and displays a message to notify the user, but if the inventory quantity associated with the serial number is shipped out of the system then it allows distribution using that serial number. Our products must all have unique serial numbers and it is leading to duplication.

GOAL: Restrict any and all duplication of a serial number associated with each item so that it may never be reused while in inventory and after it has been shipped out.

Any insight on how to set this up would be very appreciated as it does seem strange that duplication would ever be allowed.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Ramon,

    We are in the process of upgrading, but we are currently on 7.5 2013. We also have E2B Anytime 500 Manufacturing Suite with enhanced MRP and Progress/Production Entry Returns. 

    I'll talk more with your inventory department to get more details on the process. I did test the process by looking up an item with a serial number that was not shipped out and one that had been shipped out. The one that was still in stock could not be duplicated, but the one that had been shipped out could be used again.

    Thanks for your help and I'll provide more information shortly.