Could not launch launcher service. Please check your installation

Error message:  "Could not launch launcher service. Please check your installation"

I did see the posting about running the Client Configuration Utility but this is occurring on a weekly basis.

My clients environment:    ~Six Citrix servers running Windows Server 2008R2.   ~MAS 500 is limited to three of the six Citrix servers with load balancing enabled, clients can't choose which server to connect to.    ~ This is affecting only one user with roaming profiles enabled.   ~ Client launches a full desktop,

I ran the Client Configuration utility the first time on each of the Citrix servers, forcing the client to connect to each of the Citrix servers that are running MAS 500. This seemed to resolve the issue for a few weeks but it returned two weeks ago and not it's on a weekly basis that I have to run the utility. I have isolated the application and only have it launching from one of the Citrix servers for now. Looking for some suggestions.

Thanks, Joe.

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