Integrating Bridgeline eCommerce Sales Order into MAS 500 SOE

We are working to integrate our third party eCommerce system (Bridgeline) to directly feed our complete sales orders on the web into the Sales Order Entry Module.  We have the integration built to feed SOE working, the problem is since our eCommerce system is calculating sales tax on our Web orders and this sales tax is being fed into SOE as part of the order details, MAS 500 SOE doesn’t want to simply accept the sales tax as calculated, it wants to calculate the sales tax internally when loaded.

 We simply want SOE to accept the sales tax data as imported at face value and finish setting up the sales order for fulfillment and delivery in SAGE 500.

 Our current Reseller doesn’t have experience with this integration, and it seems like there should be a known solution for this, but our Reseller wants to develop some sort of customization to handle it, but even they are not sure how to make it work.

 I just seems to me, that we cannot be the first MAS 500 customer to want to do this so there should be some resident knowledge at SAGE that can recommend a “best practice” integration solution?

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  • I'm pretty sure you can do this.  Are you importing into StgSalesOrder and StgSOLine?  StgSalesOrder does have a tax amount field.  However StgSOLine does not and the insert stored procedure spSOCreateSalesOrder does some checking against the header and line sales tax amounts. I didn't review the code enough to identify how this works ...  If you need further help I imagine Joe Noll or Lou Davis can help you figure it out.  I'm 99% sure this functionality exists.