SAGE 300 ERP 2012 problem with custom crystal reports - Missing parameterfield current value

I am testing SAGE 300 ERP 2012 and have come across a problem with a number of custom crystal reports that I have designed.   The reports run just fine in ACCPAC 6 and in crystal designer but when I run them from within ERP 2012 a message will pop up that says "Missing parameterfield current value".    Some reports will run fine but there are quite a few that won't and there doesn't seem to be anything obvious that these reports have in common.  Anyone have any ideas?  

  • Check xxRPT.INI, count the parameters in 6 and 2012.

  • Thanks Jay, but can you give a few more details.  I'm assuming you mean glrpt.ini since I have added these reports to the the g/l section.   But I don't understand what you mean by "count the parameters in 6 and 2012"?   

  • Make sure the number of parameters are the same in both versions.

  • Well, that didn't seem to be the problem but it led me to the at least part of the problem so thanks for that!  

    I have added some custom reports in the past to the glrpt.ini file but only in cases where we run those reports via a macro.  In this situation I was not trying to run from a macro so I hadn't added the problem report to the .ini file.  But just out of curiousity I thought I would add it to see what would happen.   

    As I'm sure you know, when you add the report details to the .ini file you have to put the parameter field names and you can't have spaces in them.  Well, when i looked at the parameter field names in the non-working reports I noticed that they had a space (e.g. fiscal year) so I edited the name to make it "fiscalyear".  Lo and behold, the report worked!   I then removed the report details from the .ini to see what would happen and it kept working.   I then tried removing the space in the param names from the other non-working reports and they all worked.   

    But now I have spent some time testing other reports that didn't work and I get mixed results.  Even with no spaces in the param names some of them still give that error message.   

  • Jay, do you have ERP 2012 installed and if so could you test a report for me?  Ridding the param names of spaces seems to have helped most reports but I have one that is acting very strange.   It's a simple g/l report with only one parameter that has 3 choices of sorting -- by Cost Center, By account creation date and by inactive/active status.  The report works for two of the sort orders but gives the "missing parameter field current value" when I select "cost center".  

    If you can test it, how do i send it?  I don't see an option for attaching a file.