PJC Cost Transactions capture events on PMSUP PM0996

I have successfully captured events on PMCOSTH and PMCOSTD. but there is this Detail/Tax button where you don't have to use the grid.

And I want to put an edit on the CATEGORY field on the non-grid window; have it working on the grid window

Public WithEvents dsPMCostH As AccpacPM2010.ACCPACDSControl
Public WithEvents dsPMCostD As AccpacPM2010.ACCPACDSControl

Public WithEvents dsPMCostD2 As AccpacPM2010.ACCPACDSControl ****

Set dsPMCostD2 = AccpacPM2010UICtrl1.UIDSControls("dsPMSUP") ****

this part below does not work; I suspect that at least the Set command above needs some kind of nested reference as I am not seeing any events.

Private Sub dsPMCostD2_OnRecordChanging

Any pointers would help; otherwise I will capture the POST button on the main screen and edit there - but prefer to edit the FieldChange on the non-grid window

Thanks as always

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