• Notes in Sage 300

    Hello Team,

    Could you help with the following issue?

    I opened my Sage 300 desktop, but I cannot use the Notes button. The Button is unavailable. It is the KN module and I cannot see it in the Activation list.
    How I can activate the Notes module?

    Also, once…

  • [Sage 300 On Premise] Integration API

    Hello Team,

    Our client uses Sage 300 ERP On-Premise as the main finance system.
    We want to find an API to customize the integration process between Sage 300 ERP On-Premise and our application.
    I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with the API…

  • Installing Web Screens crashes IIS

    After failed install at client, test as follows.

    New VM with Windows Server 2019 and SQL 2019.

    Configure IIS.

    Install Sage 300 with Web Screens. It stops Windows Process Automation Service (WAS) and therefore IIS stops.

    Did restore and installed Sage…


    Am trying to import misc payment in AP Payment batch but all misc payment amount is duplicated

    Am using Sage 300 Standard 2020 PU 5

  • APPS or module for sage 300 to import price list from my vendor in bulk

    Hi I'm looking for an apps or module to go with sage 300 that could make my life easier when I need to update bulk pricing from my vendor 


  • Accpac Plus conversion to Sage 300 (5.4) OE Error: The Price List is not in use for this item and specified customer. How do I fix this?

    I have all modules converted (OE Tax, GL, AP, AR, IC), but have error when trying to convert OE. There is nothing that indicates what Price List, Item or customer. This is Multicurrency data (CAD, USD, EUR). IC has 6 Price List (3 CAD, 3 USD), ALB, ALBX…

  • How to reverse a Prepayment in AR

    There was duplicated payment in December so I booked the overpayment as a prepayment in AR. Now I got the money back. How can I reverse the prepayment ? or what do you suggest to offset the prepayment?


  • AP batch upload behavior problem in Sage 300 Premium 2016

    Hi, a customer is using Sage 300 Premium 2016 and they were wondering if it is possible to modify a behavior for AP batch upload.

    Currently when they upload a batch CSV if there is a problem with a particular AP invoice entry the upload will error out but…

  • error can't create control 28c2b15c-6884-45f6-989d-cc47c07277af

    we are getting error  can't create control 28c2b15c-6884-45f6-989d-cc47c07277AF on sage 300 cloud when trying to open Users in Administrative services we deleted the Recorded entry in the restart maintenance but still the error is not gone 

  • Emailing from multiple contacts to PrintBoss

    Anyone had any experience/success passing more than one email address from Sage 300's new Multiple Contacts module to PrintBoss? I assume we'd assign the email addresses in a subreport. Concatenating and delimiting the would be tricky, unless PrintBoss…

  • Update OrderDetail using Restful Service

    I am trying to update the order detail lines, specifically setting the "PickingSlipPrinted" flag to true, what would be the minimum data I need to send to the service?

    I've tried the below, but, it just keeps returning that certain fields cannot…

  • Use ACCPAC.Advantage Browse Order's Detail Record?

    Could someone please post a sample C# code for iterating the detail records ("OE0500") for a specific order?

    Stephen Smith has instructions to "Set detail key into the detail view." - but not sure how to interpret this.

    After composing…

  • Do Importing Entries Negatively Affect Anything

    Hi All,

    My colleague, who somehow believes slowly entering the entries manually is the best way to do things, told me if I import entries from excel templates something is going to be wrong. Is there any truth to it? In particular, he mentioned that the…

  • Sage 2020 Macro Error

    Running a macro we use daily and it worked all morning. Now when trying to run a macro in Sage 2020 O/E we are receiving the following error: 

    Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set

    When we select End we receive the…

  • Aged Trial Balance Reports

    Hi all, ever since we upgraded to Sage 2018 and now 2020 we are having issues with the Aged Trial Balance Reports mainly in AR. When running open for a customer the report now lists $0 adjustments. If we uncheck adjustments they of course are not listed…

  • Clear open negative balance in A/R

    We have a customer account with an open PY (overpayment of an invoice) where the funds will not be refunded to the customer. We want to clear and close the account but the AR receipt batch will not allow us to adjust off the open credit amount via a zero…

  • Sage 300 Visual Process Flows - not launching website

    Trying to get a custom URL to launch a website. I can get it to open a file, but not launch a website. 

    Anyone else having this issue? 

    Sage 2021

  • Cannot Create order


    I am new to Sage. I am making orders on Sage300 using REST Api. I have created customer on Sage using the API successfully

    I am using C# for integration

    I am unable to create order on Sage. The API returns Internal Server Error. I have check credentials…

  • How to fetch ICItem inventory details location or warehouse wise in webapi?

    Hi Expert

    I am middle of a prodect and i am getting stucked.

    I need to fetch inventory details location or warehouse wise in webapi.

    In the following way, I am using

    Request url

    xxxxxxxx/.../ICItems eq '*KL-ST1-R*'

    I want the inventory details…

  • Tax information for customer ABCD is invalid. The corresponding authorities do not match those found in tax group XYZ. Please correct this before continuing.

    Trying to create an Order for a customer and this error keeps popping out. Any ideas/suggestions?

  • How do I deal with scrap in an assembly?

    I am producing steel pipe (item 2) from a coil of steel (item 1). 

    for example an 8000 kg steel coil produces 1200 - 6 foot pipes and 34 kgs of waste steel.

    How do I deal with the scrap steel?

  • How to Add a Shipment using the Advantage dll or the Web Api?

    I have been trying to add a shipment to a Sales Order but haven't been able to do so.

    Did not see any option to such transaction on the Web Api so moved the Advantage dll.

    Tried to write to the view OE0434 and it does create a shipment, however I…

  • PO module setup - unit pricing & extended cost missing


    I seem to be having a setup issue with the PO module. I've done several setups before but can't figure this out. I noticed that while trying to make a requisition entry, I enter a line item, select my item code (non-stock item). I can select a vendor…

  • Connection between Sage 300 and Salesforce

    Does anyone know of an interface between Sage 300 and Salesforce?


  • Project Management - Change Orders

    Hi there! Does anyone know if I can enter a change order in Project management (or another module) so I can enter the dollar amount to change the contract, enter subcontractor change order and update estimate all in the same? Currently, I'm going to PM…