• Sage 300 Web API Bug Report?

    How do we report an issue with the Sage 300 Web API?  The POReceipts post will not store the Purchase Order number that is posted on the new Receipt.

    Yet, the 'PurchaseOrderNumber' is included in the model - but the API doesn't appear to do anything with…

  • OE Shipment from Order

    Is there a way to create a Shipment from an existing order using Sage 300 Web API? 

    The API allows us to create both an order, or a shipment using the QuantityShipped field on the OrderDetails object.

    By using the QuantityShipped value, Sage will create…

  • Want to apply discount on header level for Order Entry in SAGE 300

    Dear Expert

    I am stuck in the middle of a project and it is very important project for me. Actually, we are an integration company. We are trying to create an order with header level discount from Magento 2 to SAGE 300 via REST API. 

    Request Url : xxxxx…

  • Cannot Create order


    I am new to Sage. I am making orders on Sage300 using REST Api. I have created customer on Sage using the API successfully

    I am using C# for integration

    I am unable to create order on Sage. The API returns Internal Server Error. I have check credentials…

  • How to fetch ICItem inventory details location or warehouse wise in webapi?

    Hi Expert

    I am middle of a prodect and i am getting stucked.

    I need to fetch inventory details location or warehouse wise in webapi.

    In the following way, I am using

    Request url

    xxxxxxxx/.../ICItems eq '*KL-ST1-R*'

    I want the inventory details…

  • How to associate a Receipt to a PO using the sage web api?

    I am trying to create a receipt and associate it to a Purchase Order using the web api.
    In the payload of the Receipt I have added the Purchase Order Number and it's sequence key. So in the receipt lines. On the sage side I see the receipt being created…

  • How to Configure Sage300 2018 so that store Date and time for OEOrder and OEInvoice

    Hi Expert ,

        I am using Sage300 api . I want to filter  api with Order /Invoice Creation datetime . I am facing one issue in my response i can't see any time in creation datetime field .

    Any one can help me how it can be possible that Date and Time…

  • How to use filter for Sage300 Web API data by Optional fields value?

    Hi Expert ,

        I am currently using Customer / OEOrders / OEInvoices  webapi . I have added some custom fields . I want to filter data using that custom field through Sage300 WebApi .Below is example i am trying to filter :


  • is it possible to update/patch/put OEOrders/OEInvoice in Sage300 2018 version ?

    Hi Experts ,
     I'm currently working on a integration project where I will be use the Sage 300 Web API. This integration will be focusing on Order Entry / Invoice Entry where we can insert a new order (POST) and eventually we will need to be able to update…
  • Sage300 vs SageX3 implementation

    Hi everyone, I am at the moment investigating the availability of cloud APIs for Sage300, and could find some documentation of an available web API, but which is not listed here https://developer.sage.com/, and now wondering why? Is there an available…

  • Internal Error Sage Web API

    Receiving this error while setting up the Sage web API. Admin account enabled on config file and passwords are entered in upper case. Please assist

      "error": {
        "code": "InternalServerError",
        "message": {
          "lang": "en-US",
  • Unbalance G/L from Web API Posting in Functional Currency

    I am using Sage 300 Web API v1.0 with Multi-currency enabled, I post to G/L entries in source currency and it converts to functional currency. The source currency which I posted from is balance but the converted functional currency is not balance. This…