How to use filter for Sage300 Web API data by Optional fields value?

Hi Expert ,

    I am currently using Customer / OEOrders / OEInvoices  webapi . I have added some custom fields . I want to filter data using that custom field through Sage300 WebApi .Below is example i am trying to filter :


                     itsl-sage/.../OEOrders eq 110
                      showing below error : 
  "error": {
    "code": "InvalidParameters",
    "message": {
      "lang": "en-US",
      "value": "Syntax error at position 22 in 'OrderOptionalFields[0].Value eq 110'."
Optional Fields value store in Order Entity : 
[6:25 PM] Avijit Paul Poddar
"OrderOptionalFields": [
"OptionalFieldDescription""AEC Web Order Id",
Please help  me out how to do it?
Surajit Kundu