is it possible to update/patch/put OEOrders/OEInvoice in Sage300 2018 version ?

Hi Experts ,
 I'm currently working on a integration project where I will be use the Sage 300 Web API. This integration will be focusing on Order Entry / Invoice Entry where we can insert a new order (POST) and eventually we will need to be able to update an existing order/invoice (PUT / PATCH). With the current version of the Sage300 2018 Web API the only supported verbs are GET and POST for OEOrders/OEinvoice. I was wondering if anyone would know is there any possibilities  to  PUT or PATCH  for OEOrders/OEinvoice in Sage 300 Web API.
Surajit Kundu
  • Hey Surajit,

    I know you are looking for answer but i wanted to discuss about OEOrders POST API. Even after mapping all the fields that were required I am still getting "InternalServerError". I looked on the internet and its said this issue occurs for 2 reasons. Either credentials are wrong or rights are not given. But I have checked and we have been given rights and we are using the same credentials which we did use to successfully create customers in Sage using POST API.

    I also tried directly inserting into database but no Luck. The records is inserted into database but when we search for it on Sage against Order number we are not able to find it.

    If you can please help, I would be grateful

  • Hello Syed,
    I am also stuck on the same issue. have you found any solution? Please help to solve.