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The inventory adjustment entry screen in Sage 300 includes a field titled 'Bucket Type', however, I don't understand it. There is no visual assist (magnifying glass) on this field, nor does it accept free-text entry. Being how this is an inventory adjustment entry screen, I would expect to either select a bucket type using the visual assist or name a bucket type by free type. If the visual assist is to used, I would expect a 'bucket type' setup under I/C Setup, but I see nothing. It is logical to set up bucket types before being able to select one.

Context clues suggests this cell is reserved for an inventory adjustment classification. Examples include cycle counts, damaged inventory, or corrections to posted transactions.

Why can I not edit the bucket type? How do I make use of it? Is my assumption in regard to the purpose of the 'bucket type' field correct? Any help will be much appreciated.

This is found under the inventory control module, I/C Transactions, I/C Adjustments, and finally the 'bucket type' cell once preparing an inventory adjustment.

  • Thank you very much, Team Equation. My assumptions about the bucket type were wrong.

    I would like to set up a list of categories and select from this list when drafting an adjustment. This will allow me to run a Business Intelligence report listing all adjustments, export to Excel, and build a pivot table that will grant visibility of adjustments by category. With this, I can see a consolidation of all cycle count adjustments, scrap expense adjustments, or whatever the category may be. The reference cell is free text. I am hoping to rely on a cell that allows the user to select from a pre-defined list.

    Is this possible?

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