Sage 300 2016 - Sage hangs while invoicing customers via email.

Our receptionist regularly complains of our invoicing system hanging while mid-invoicing of customers. Her process is as follows:

1. Prints all invoices that are to be sent, (for our records.)

2. She goes back into the invoicing screen, changes the type to DEFAULT. Hits POST. The system is supposed to email out the invoices that customers requested be invoiced and prints the remaining that are to be mailed. 

The system is hanging during the process of emailing out the invoices. Yes, some invoices go. The program does not show as NOT RESPONDING, however the print preview screen has a wheel indicating activity and it does freeze. We then have to 'end task' on Sage and go back into it. We then look in our receptionist's email to see what actually was sent out.  We then go through manually to figure out if all emailed and what then needs to be mailed. This issue happens multiple times a month.

Please advise of any possible causes.


  • Did you get anywhere with this?  We have experienced this issue with Service Manager bulk emailing invoices and now also with AR statements.  Our client is using Sage 300 2018 PU2, so not the same version but seems to be the same issue.

    We were lead to believe it is an issue with the COM as Service Manager just calls the Sage print functions and sets it to Email.  Crystal reports does the actual emailing.  As we are now experiencing a similar issue from Sage AR Statements, it seems to confirm this theory.

    Off to Sage Support to confirm!

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