Monthly Trail balance for Prior year


I am creating a trial balance report to breakdown all the month balance for current year and prior year in one report.

Our year end closing is on 30 June of each year.

The information show correctly for all the months of the current year with formula as below:

=FRAMTA("BAL12P")  -  for the month June 2020

=FRAMTA("BAL11P") - for the month May 2020

=FRAMTA("BAL10P") - for the month Apr 2020

... and till the column =FRAMTA("BAL1P") - for the month Jul 2019

As for the prior year monthly balance it didn't show correctly . Below is the formula I used :

=FRAMTA("BALPY12PA") - It show correctly for this month Jun 2019 only

=FRAMTA("BALPY11PA") - Starting from this formula, it show the period 1 of the current year - Jul 2019, which suppose should be May 2019.

=FRAMTA("BALPY10PA") - same goes to the next column, it show the balance for period 2 of the current year - Aug 2019, which suppose should be Apr 2019

Only the first formula  =FRAMTA("BALPY12PA")  - is correctly the rest are showing wrong info.

Am I using the wrong formula? Please advice.

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