Insert/Update doesn’t allow updates, only inserts new Records Sage 300 payroll premium, Sage 2020

Previously I could either insert or update records using that drop down option when importing records using dbase5. Now I have to use .csv to import, the Insert/Update option is there but you get an error “Record already Exists” when trying to update. Trying to use the Update option only also fails.

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  • I've discovered the issue. When importing, I've always left the MASTGUID field empty. Sage creates a code for this field that looks like 7E23176E-71CF-43E6-A57E-7273CB737C51, different for each employee. When I add the MASTGUID code of the existing employee, it updates correctly. So I need to find out how that code is created or just manually correct existing employees instead of re-importing them.

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