Top 10 benefits of corporate training

A business should never stand still nor should the development of their employees, who are the key asset of any company. Regular staff training is essential in helping ongoing skill development. Let’s consider some of the top benefits you will realize with a properly trained staff

Keep up with industry changes

Industries are constantly changing and so must your business to avoid being left behind. You need to make sure you are complying with regulations and make sure that your staff’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date. Sage is dedicated to making sure your software complies with government regulations. Keeping current with your Sage 300 application guarantees you will be in compliance too.

Be in touch with latest technology developments

New technology is being developed all the time and so regular training needs to take place to ensure that your staff are using the latest technology and features. We continue to add new features and functionality in your Sage 300 application. Registering for our training classes on Sage U will help ensure you’re taking advantage of these new features.

Stay ahead of competitors

Standing still can kill your business, so by making sure your staff are constantly advancing, you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within your marketplace. We have many courses availability to support the various responsibilities of your employees, whether it is technical such as managing your database or the day to day entry and maintenance tasks that are required to help your employees help your customers.

Be able to see weaknesses and skill gaps

With regular training, you can more easily identify any gaps in the market and skill gaps within your workforce. By identifying these gaps early, there is time to train staff in these required areas so that they can fulfill their roles effectively. If you have three or more employees (or anticipate having) who can benefit training, Sage U can promote someone to “team training manager”. You’ll be able to access training as well as monitor employee progress. This will be invaluable to help monitor the skills you’ve defined as performance metrics.

Maintain knowledge and skill

Although it is important to train new employees initially upon hiring, it’s important to have ongoing training plans to help develop skills throughout their tenure on the job. To retain knowledge, skills need to be practiced and refreshed on a regular basis so new knowledge is not forgotten.

Advance employee skills

Once your staff has the basic skills, they can easily be built on and improved to provide more benefit to your company. A well trained staff is an effective, efficient staff. We have several different courses on SageU for all skill levels. From basic navigation classes to user certification courses, we have you covered.

Provide an incentive to learn

If training is provided as part of a long term development path, employees will have more incentive to learn. We currently offer certification programs for System Administrator, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Sage Intelligence with new programs soon to be added.

Increase job satisfaction

Through continued investment to building an employee’s skills, employees can have a much higher sense of job satisfaction which can improve their motivation. This will reduce employee turnover and increase productivity resulting in improved profitability to you.

Provide internal promotion opportunities

Employing new staff is costly….recruitment costs, hiring fees and the cost of initial training. With ongoing training, existing staff becomes eligible for promotions and unlike new staff they already know your business.

Attract new talent

All businesses want to have the best employees. With a culture promoting training, this will mean better staff retention and may also result in attracting better talent from the start. This will give your company a good image of a company who is dedicated to employee development and that is a key factor that many people look for in their job search.

Being trained by a certified trainer is key. We recommend you receive training only from certified Business Partners or by Sage U. Sage U offers a full complement of courses to help you build your employees’ knowledge and skills to work most efficiently with Sage 300. We also offer certifications to provide evidence of proven skills and knowledge.

Click here to access available training delivered by a certified Sage trainer.