Sage 300: Software notice 17-J Tax updates available

Software notice 17-J was sent today to Sage 300 partners and to Sage 300 customers who have the Sage 300 US Payroll module and announces available tax updates:

  • U.S. Payroll Tax Update Q3 2017 (7.3C) for Sage 300 2018 and 2017
  • U.S. Payroll Tax Update Q3 2017 (7.2G) for Sage 300 2016

Note: If you are not the person who installs Sage 300 software, please forward this email to the appropriate person.

For more information about the updates, see Sage 300 U.S. Payroll Q3 2017 Release Notes.

Important information

Before installing these updates, please note:

  • In accordance with our support policy, Sage is supporting only Sage 300 2018, 2017, and 2016. If you use Sage 300 2014 or earlier, we encourage you to contact your Sage business partner to upgrade to a supported version of the software.
  • You must have either Sage 300 2018 or the most current product update for another supported version of Sage 300 installed (Sage 300 2017 Product Update 3, Sage 300 2016 Product Update 3). For the latest product updates, see Sage 300 Product Updates Downloads.


To upgrade, contact your Sage business partner or download the product update from the Sage Knowledgebase:


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