I Love 5.6 So Much That I Want to Buy the Company

The wait is finally over. After months of beta testing, we are proud to announce the official release of version 5.6. It is available for download as of this moment, and the official ship date for the product will be December 07.

I still remember the time when we released our products in separate phases, Financial modules first, then Operation modules. It's much more convenient for the clients now since they don't have to plan for multiple upgrades. Plus they don't have to worry about compatiblity issues between versions. Better yet, we have put this new version through a good amount of testing with some selected customers before releasing it. You can expect a much more stable, and problem free product. We have come up with a couple of articles that you may find useful when upgrading to 5.6. You can access them by going to http://kb.accpac.com.

  • 27465 - Default Financial Reports in Sage Accpac ERP 5.5/5.6 have different account group specifications from new companies created in Accpac 5.5/5.6
  • 28290 - Error is Received During the Activation or Upgrade Process to Version 5.6
  • 28112 - Upgrade Older Versions of AR Inquiry to Sage Accpac ERP 5.6
  • 28245 - Which version of Sage Payroll Service Integration would be compatible with Sage Accpac 5.6?
  • 28111 - Updated - Technical Changes for Sage Accpac ERP 5.6
  • 28333 - Pre-installation Checklist for Sage Accpac ERP 5.6
  • 28334 - What's New in Sage Accpac ERP 5.6
  • 28375 - In Accpac 5.6, Bank Services uses AP/AR transaction date to determine the posting period of the transaction.
  • 28221 - Viewinsert of ASGEN1(CADEDL) (1965 c:\dev\lic56a\source\views\snlit.updg.c)
  • 27930 - Steps Required Before Upgrading to Bank Services 5.6A

So what are you waiting for!? Upgrade to 5.6 today!